Mom’s Musings: I’m Not an Expert

Once upon a time I was an ‘expert’ on children. I had the degree, the children’s job, and a huge boatload of opinions.

Then – after a decade – I ran into the first child who floored me. He made no sense. He was more stubborn, more intense, and more extreme then me. He was incredible. And wow, was he FRUSTRATING! Yes…he was mine.


I no longer judge other parents.Kids are hard.They are the closest thing to your heart but the most constant, demanding and tiring thing you can imagine. You need to rouse in the middle of the night for them yet keep a kind spirit toward them when at breakfast they complain that THEY are tired.

You need to keep focused on what’s important – their growth and development – when they embarrass you with a tantrum in the middle of the store. (Yeah. We’ve had our share.)

You have to come to terms with your own sin problems as you hear your three year old repeat in anger to the year year old word for word the wrong thing you said to him the week before.

It’s so easy to second guess yourself on everything. Suddenly food, vaccines, sunlight, movies take on a completely different meaning.

Yes. Once, long ago, I was an expert on children. Now that I’ve actually spent 24 hours a day with them -


almost non-stop for 3 1/2 years, I’ve realized just one thing. I don’t know much!! I need a tremendous amount of grace and wisdom from God to be a good parent.It’s hard…But it’s worth it!

Tonight I had a couple minutes and rocked our 8 month old to sleep. Today she said “Papa” for the first time. She’d been trying for awhile.

The three year old sounded out the word “Bed” today. It was the first time he read a word using phonics. I saw the concept finally click in his eyes, and he shouted the word out and ran to show my husband.

The two year old made a scrambled egg with me today. She was so excited to crack the egg, and then stir it (after I’d fished out the shell pieces.) She was proud to get to cook!

It’s hard.

It’s the most sanctifying and humbling thing I’ve every experienced.

But it is completely worth it!!

I’m no longer an expert – I’m much better – I’m a Mom.


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