3 Kids in a 10X10 Room

Our house has 4 bedrooms, but we’ve decided to put all three of our kids (3 years, 2 years, and 1 year) in the same room.

Why? They love being together, it keeps their toys in 2

Picturelocations (their bedroom and the fairly well-organized

play room downstairs), and it helps me to keep their stuff down in numb

er since there is less space to put it.

This won’t last, but for now it works best for our family.

Here is how we organize their bedroom:

There is one single big box under their bed with lots of misc toys. I try to keep it at 3/4s full. If it gets over that, it’s a signal to get rid of stuff. I used to also keep toys on their low shelves, but I’ve since stopped. With all the clothes and bodies in one room, it’s best to have toys in one locationBooks are kept in one basket. I try to rotate their books.

Door Hanger: I wrote an article about my love of over the door shoe hangers. This is also a great spot to put a full wardrobe of toddler clothes!
When the baby gets a little bigger, I’ll hang another shoe hanger on the wall next to the door and organize her clothes that way too.
Baskets: Two baskets are enough for the baby’s clothes, shoes, and accessories.Dresser Drawers: Serving their normal purpo
se.Outgrown clothes: I have a covered basket in the bottom of the closet. (Not Pictured)Hanging Clothes: Clothes that are brand new and soon to be grown into (because otherwise I forget about them), Sunday clothes, and some play dresses.

The toddlers have bunk beds. Ikea sells a toddler bunk bed that would have made a smaller blue print in the room and fit them until they were 5, but the big one has worked fine for our purpose, allows them more personal space, and I covet the under-bed storage.The baby sleeps in a pack n play which I sometimes roll to the end of the bed during the day to open up more floor space. My 2 year old does not want the baby to sleep down there though because of privacy.Picture

Personal Space: No one is allowed in anyone else’s bed unless invited. Also, any toys in their personal space is off limits. This doesn’t always work, but it works 95% of the time.I also put a curtain on the lower bunk for when the two year old wants to escape from her semi-wild older brother.


Shelves: This is perfect for a preschooler to put away and get his own shoes.
Baskets with clothes: Baby shoes can go anywhere. Why not in with their socks and hats?
Shelf Basket: Works great for little kid shoes. We could easily fit 12 pair.

Changing Station:We were given a low, three drawer dresser that is a great height for changing. The top drawer has diapers, creams, wipes and misc. The bottom two drawers hold preschool boy clothes. I think I could actually fit them into 1 drawer, but he has a drawer completely devoted to PJs while he learns to put them away. (Not there yet, but we’re working at it.)We keep extra diapers and wipes in the bottom of the hutch in the closet.

So, this is our 3 kids in 1 10X10 room. They love it, and we like it for now too. They love to go in and play on the floor together, sit up at night talking (not my favorite part), and get ready for the day together. ( I do close the door as we get ready to keep the 80 pound dog out; we don’t have space for him too.)

I hope it’s keeping them close in more ways then physical closeness.

- Verity


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