make a small room feel big

10 Ways to Make a Small Room Feel Big

We have 6 people living in our 900 square foot single story home. *

Our Living Room is essentially a hallway.

And 3 of our family member excel at making messes.

However, when people walk into our living room, their usual response is one of surprise and usually the comment. “Oh, you have a nice house.”

I attribute this in part to my long-running efforts (helped by my mom and mother-in-law and innumerable blogs) to make our living room feel roomy and spacious.

Here’s what I’ve used and a couple things I hope to use someday:

make a small room feel big

1. Hang Curtains High

Hanging long light-colored or sheer curtains will make the ceiling feel taller then it really is.

2. Dark Floors Drop Away

We have a white ceiling, neutral walls, and dark mahogany floors. The result is a feeling of openness. (Though if you have kids, I can’t say that dark floors are easy to upkeep…at all). They show every scratch and speck.

3. Solid Colored Matching Furniture

Patterned or furniture in a variety of colors is harder on the eyes. Multiple pieces in the same color have a calming affect. (Especially if it is a neutral color that blends with the walls.)

4. White or Light Walls

When we first moved in, we had the brilliant idea to paint our living room DARK forest green. While it was very striking, it felt VERY tiny! When it was repainted 3 years later, it felt like it doubled in size!

5. Mirrors Double Feeling of Space

I situated 2 large mirrors across from our single window to double the light.

photo 3

6. Get Rid of Clutter

Other then pictures on the walls, I’ve gotten rid of all decor and I’ve tried to store as many utilitarian items in nearby drawers.

7. Light Colored Curtains and Furniture

Light colored pieces will blend in with walls.

8. See-Through Furniture

My only piece that kind of does this is the high chair since its legs are so skinny.

9. Light

photo 1

We installed another light in the center of the room. Before that they just used lamps that gave off dim attempts at brightening the space. (ugh.) We also have bright sunlight-type of lights above the dining room table.

10. Quick Clean up System!

By the jumper you’ll notice a basket, that’s where I throw any toys that the kids leave in the living room. ThenI just pick up the basket and carry it into their room. Voila! Clean living room! :-)

I am by no means saying that my house is Better Homes and Gardens worthy. (What person with 4 children under 5 could attain that??), but by using these tricks, I am saying that our living room, the main room we eat, play, cuddle, tickle, do preschool, fold clothes, relax, do computer work, talk on the phone in, organize, feed baby, and umpteen other things in, usually feels clean and calming – even with 6 people!


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